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  • Breakfast fit for a …. father!

    Here at Orchard School we love a good celebration and hold many events throughout the year, including more traditional concerts and plays seen at other schools. We do, however, pride ourselves on fun and creative ideas that bring the school and parents together, underpinning our values of partnership.

    This year, for the first time, we held a Father’s Day special breakfast. The children invited their fathers to the school first thing in the morning to enjoy a hearty fry up. The breakfasts were prepared by our wonderful and dedicated kitchen staff, whom we would like to thank and big thanks also go to our wonderful parent association ‘Friends of Orchard’, who provided tea and coffee and helped organise the event.

    Finally, we also show our appreciation to the hard-working waiters, who served the breakfasts and all sported a variety of moustaches! See who you can spot in the picture!

    Needless to say the fathers all went off very happy and feeling rather full. The event was such a success, we look forward to holding it again next year.

  • Orchard “Fun Run” in aid of Addenbrookes Hospital

    An annual event in the Orchard calendar sees more than 60 children running around the stunning and beautifully maintained fields of the school, all to raise money for a charity close to the hearts of pupils and staff alike – Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

    The children completed sponsorship forms and ran laps of the school fields to raise money for the worthy cause. Headteacher, Anne Burton, elaborates: “We were most fortunate with the weather, dry but not too hot, and the children really did themselves proud. The most wonderful thing about the day was the support children showed for one another, making posters and cheering on each individual child”.

    In total £2018.96 was raised for Addenbrookes to help continue the amazing work they do for children with life threatening illnesses.

    Addenbrookes and Orchard School have a number of things in common; the most obvious being the care offered to the children, but both establishments also celebrate a big anniversary in 2016.

    Founded in 1766, Addenbrookes celebrates 250 years this year. Orchard School, whilst a little younger, nonetheless celebrates a quarter century and is extremely proud of the school’s growth and achievements over the past 25 years.


  • Orchard Smarties Raise Money for Keech Hospice Care

    Orchard has a reputation for raising “smarties” but this time the Smarties did all the raising! The school gave each of its pupils a tube of Nestle Smarties to enjoy and asked the children to run errands and do chores, such as washing dishes and even cleaning caravans, to earn coins to then fill the tubes and raise money for Keech Hospice Care.

    The initiative literally went down a treat! A representative from Prep 3 explained: “We were all so happy to receive the Smarties and not only did we get the pleasure of eating them, we could also raise money for a local charity. It was great because my parents couldn’t really tell me off for eating chocolate!”

    Orchard School in Barton-le-Clay is only a mile down the road from its local charity, Keech Hospice, which looks after children and adults with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. The school is committed to helping local causes and actively supports a number of charities throughout Bedfordshire.

    Headmistress, Anne Burton, confirmed: “We were very proud to have raised £204.01 for Keech Hospice and will continue to show our support for such a worthy charity that is close to our hearts”.

  • It’s Rocket Science!

    Orchard School is delighted to announce its involvement in the innovative space project nicknamed “Rocket Science”.  Along with over 8,000 schools, clubs and groups within the UK, Orchard School will participate in this project organised by the UK Space agency and The Royal Horticultural Society.

    Each school has been given the opportunity to plant 200 gardening seeds.  Excitingly, 100 of these seeds will have spent six months in outer space with astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station. The children are unaware which 100 seeds have had that amazing experience with the aim being to find out whether plants grow differently from seeds that are from 0 gravity or Earth’s gravity.

    Over a 5 week period the children will monitor the growth of all the seeds to investigate how they grow and if they demonstrate any unusual characteristics.  This is a great challenge for the children and at the same time benefits the UK Space Agency.  Once all the results have been collected and analysed by professional statisticians and scientists from The European Space Agency, the Royal Horticultural Society will decide on possible conclusions and publish their results on the RHS Campaign for School Gardening website. https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/home

    Food that is taken into space by astronauts is normally freeze dried and very limited.  To be able to grow healthy vegetables whilst on missions would not only have a nutritional benefit and offer an improved varied diet, but also reduce the need to transport prepared food.

    As you can imagine, the children are very keen to learn the outcome of their seed planting project, which underpins both science and maths curriculum areas in a relevant, engaging and exciting way.

    Watch this space!