First Steps (0-2years)


We share your baby's day with you through a daily green diary. This diary also provides an opportunity for you to communicate any changes to your child's routine or feeding pattern as well as providing us with relevant information to help us to meet your child's needs.


Emphasis is placed on nurturing social skills and opportunities to develop relationships with peers and adults are encouraged throughout the day. The children’s increasing mobility is extended by dance, using the mini gym and exploring the garden. We support children’s growing independence, particularly during mealtimes when we gradually introduce large rimmed plates, cups without lids and a spoon and fork.


We aim to provide learning opportunities that are meaningful to each child by planning activities and experiences around known interests and needs.  We use observation to gather this information about your child whilst at nursery and ask you to contribute information about what they like to do when with their family and friends.

Next Steps (2-3years)


Emphasis is placed on gaining independence, which will enable your child to feel more confident and begin the process of becoming self-reliant.  This in turn affects the intrinsic motivation and desire ‘to have a go’, take risks, ability to solve problems and therefore to make decisions and to choose.


The children are encouraged to be involved with the general care and management of their environment by helping to set up, tidy away activities, and therefore grasp the concept of “a place for everything and everything in its place”.


Throughout our daily routine lots of opportunities are provided for the children to use their developing vocabulary to engage in conversation with their peers and adults, especially at mealtimes.  We ensure that we work in conjunction with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework by recognising the meanings young children generate in their language through the creative ways in which they use words.

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