Year 1

Prep 1 will see the children develop enormously, particularly in their reading, writing and number work. They will begin to work more independently as well as getting used to working in pairs and small groups for discussion, completing tasks and solving problems.

The children feel at home as established members of the school community, adjust to a more structured timetable and begin to take on more responsibilities, whether it be looking after elements of the classroom, moving around the school doing jobs for adults or taking the opportunity to stand for the class as a school council representative. They start to take care of younger members of the school in the playground, lunch hall and classroom. Most importantly, Prep 1 pupils continue to enjoy and look forward to their school day.

Year 2

In Prep 2 our Orchard children have many changes to contend with, they lose the outward signs of babyhood, namely their teeth and often have a growth spurt. With so much going on it always a pleasure as well as amazing just how much learning can be done by the young minds of Prep 2 in such a relatively short time. Overall Prep 2 represents an important watershed. Basic and familiar concepts are learnt, reviewed and embedded, leading to more formal and advanced work in preparation for the school's senior classes. The class teacher is supported by an Orchard teaching assistant.


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