Welcome to Orchard School

An Independent School & Nursery
for children aged 0-9

Providing Education Excellence
since 1991

Welcome to Orchard School - a preparatory school and nursery, for boys and girls aged 0 - 9 situated in the outskirts of village Barton-le-Clay, south Bedfordshire. Orchard provides the best in education priding itself in teaching children how to learn, finding and nurturing the individual potential and confidence in every child. The aim of the school is to engender a passion for learning, 'to be the best that I can be'. Our pupils develop into well-motivated, balanced children who are considerate, well-mannered, who know the value of hard work and who go on to excel at their next schools.

Orchard Independent School & Nursery, Higham Gobion Road, Barton le Clay, Beds MK45 4RB

Tel: 01582 882054   Email:admin@orchardschool.org.uk

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The aim of the school is to engender a passion for learning and ‘to be the best that I can be’.

School ethos

We use praise and encouragement as a motivating factor in our school life.

Celebrating achievement

Orchard School provides a highly academic education with an emphasis on all round development.

 A varied curriculum

We provide the best in education and childcare for children from 0 – 9 years.


Above all, we believe in making learning fun.

Years R, 1 & 2

The quality of teaching, and of learning and behaviour are inseparable .

Years 3 & 4

Sport is an integral part of Orchard life.

Healthy sporting interests

The school is nestled in the heart of the rolling countryside and this creates the perfect backdrop for our approach of instilling a fascination with nature and the great outdoors.


At Orchard we consider art to be good ‘brain food’. It provides wonderful opportunities for mastering technique, self-esteem and creativity.


The joy of dancing, singing and pretending starts early at Orchard and great performance naturally follow.

Music, dance & a little drama!

Pastoral care remains at the heart of Orchard and is fully integrated into the school’s daily routines.

Pastoral care

Trying something new amongst friends.

Extra curriculum

Mealtimes are great social occasions.

Food & nutrition

Providing our pupils with experiences outside the ‘regular’ curriculum.

Enrichment activities